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JurySync helps litigators connect with fact finders in jury trials, bench trials and alternative dispute resolution.  We are an experienced team of litigation consultants specially trained in communication strategy and the psychology of jury decision-making.  As social scientists, we help bridge the gap between law and fact finders' perceptions of justice by translating complex evidence into messages that resonate and persuade.

JurySync is best known for our civil defense work in high-stakes, complex litigation.  From our home base in Kansas City, JurySync has provided research and consultation on hundreds of cases with thousands of mock and actual jurors across most states, including some of the more notable litigation hot spots.  Our litigation consulting services include four main categories: case strategy, jury research, witness preparation and jury selection.

Clients tell us our main point of difference is delivering the horsepower of a national firm with the personal attention of a boutique practice.  JurySync’s commitment to being the best litigation consulting firm, not the biggest, has earned us a reputation for giving trial lawyers an edge in connecting with fact finders in the most important and challenging cases.  Knowing what research tools to use, when to use them, and how to interpret and apply results to strengthen your case is what we do best.


JurySync delivers proven experience, practical advice and personal service 

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