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Jury Selection

JurySync consultants have provided jury selection assistance across a wide spectrum of litigation categories, trial venues and court procedures.  Clients tell us our involvement adds unique value to the trial team by reducing the uncertainty in jury selection.  We draw upon case-specific research and our experience in similar litigation to construct juror profiles and tools for eliciting bias.  Through well-constructed Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQs) and voir dire questions, we help counsel draw out the attitudes and experiences that predispose jurors against our client, so that peremptory strikes can be exercised intelligently.  Our training as social scientists and experience interviewing thousands of mock and actual jurors gives us unique insight into what goes on behind closed doors in deliberations, and how to identify the most dangerous jurors. 

The following services from JurySync are usually combined to provide full support to counsel in preparing and implementing a sophisticated jury selection strategy:

Selecting the best possible jury often requires us to distinguish between negative attitudes and negative impact on others during deliberations

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