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Our Philosophy

Collaborative Litigation Consulting

At JurySync, we believe good is the enemy of great.  Reaching greatness requires a commitment to be the best, not the biggest.  This means bringing together the best-in-class trial lawyers and communication experts in a collaborative setting to translate complex legal arguments into digestible, persuasive messages that connect with decision-makers.

Making this connection requires the right relationship fit, sound research methodology and quality consultation.  The fit matters because collaboration requires a mutual respect, shared knowledge and shared goals.  The methodology matters because the tools and processes used to explore juror feedback directly affect data reliability and usefulness.  The consultant matters because it determines whether you end up with raw, uninterpreted data or an actionable strategic plan.

Our approach, Collaborative Litigation Consulting, is based on this simple philosophy:

Each case is unique – we tailor our services to the scope and demands of your particular case, always grounding our advice in our experience and proven social science principles.

Each client is different – we personalize our recommendations to reflect your national litigation strategy and leverage individual litigators’ strengths.

Every relationship is important – we value our long-term connection and are available, responsive and committed to meeting your needs. 



Our Collaborative Philosophy: Relationship Fit, Sound Methodology, Quality Consultation