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Our Purpose

Our Vision

JurySync's mission is to be known as the experts at helping trial lawyers connect with jurors.  To this end, we are committed to the highest standards of excellence and to developing long-term relationships built on shared commitment, open communication and mutual respect.  We recognize the value our unique perspective brings to litigators and strive to earn our place on the trial team by leveraging our collective strengths and delivering practical solutions.

Our Values

     Quality Consultation - grounded, insightful and actionable advice
     Teamwork - synergy through applied collective wisdom
     Professionalism - courteous and conscientious approach to serving clients and one another
     Dedication - committed to delivering consistent value over the long-term
     Innovation - anticipate changing client needs and develop creative solutions

Our Guiding Principles

     Be worthy of client's trust
     Be part of the solution
     Be prepared for anything
     Be dependable and accountable
     Be accessible and responsive
     Be creative and resourceful
     Be productive and efficient
     Be better than before
     Be better than expected


Our aim is to be the best litigation consulting firm, not the biggest